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New Products
New Products
We are continually adding to and improving our range of products in order to supply the safest, most efficient and innovative systems available. Here you can find the latest additions to our range.

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We have designed and developed our latest innovation, the Readi-Keep, to allow easy and secure pedestrian access through manual and automated gates alike.

It fits on to all manual swing gates and will either spring your gate closed after pedestrians have passed through or will spring to keep it open. This prevents gates from being accidentally left open allowing, for example, animals to escape.

The new Readi-Keep can also be fitted to automatic gate openers. This will allow gates to open just far enough to allow pedestrians access without having to operate the gate automatically. This will then close the gate shut but also allow the gate to still be used automatically in the usual manner such as by key fob or underground loop.

The Readi-Keep also provides a manual exit option in the event of an emergency. For instance if your gates fail to operate automatically and you do not have a key to override the actuator, then you can simply remove the Readi-Keep's locking pin and open the gate manually. Once the gate reaches about 80 degrees in the open direction, the gate will then swing to the open position and remain there until manually closed.

Please contact us for further details as the Readi-Keep is not suitable for all applications.

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