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Readi-Pillar Kit
for Shorter & Lighter Gates

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Model:SE12K | ME12K

Our Readi-Pillar kit is simple to install and at 12V DC does not require a part P electrician for installation. Simply plug the battery charger into your mains socket and connect a 2 core cable through to the control board.

The plug and play control board makes further installations just as easy. To connect a push button for instance, connect a 2 core 1mm twisted pair cable to the press button, run the cable through to the control board and plug into any of the three open/close sockets. It's that simple!

• Readi-Pillar EASY12 Double Leaf Solar Gate Kit 12V | Model: SE12K

• Readi-Pillar EASY12 Double Leaf Mains Gate Kit 12V | Model: ME12K

Always ensure that safety is your highest priority when considering which security access system will best suit your requirements, especially for sites where young children may be present. Whilst safety devices do add to the cost, it's a small price to pay for the safety of your children. Ask our professional safety technical advisers for further information and assistance. Always play it safe.

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