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for Medium Gates

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Model:ST250K | MT250K

Our Readi-Kits provide an effective and green automation system that can be fitted to new or existing gates.

Supplied with gate arms, they provide a high level of operational force as they are fixed to your gate further away from the hinge than other motors, giving greater leverage and greater resistance to any forces applied, such as in windy conditions.

Our unique design of control board has a plug and play facility, allowing easy installation of all access control systems such as push buttons, key pads, underground loops and intercoms.

Readi-Kits can be supplied for use with mains electricity or as a totally self-contained, solar powered system for gates where no mains power is available and key fob operation only is required. A solar panel will need to be mounted facing south with no shadows cast upon it between south-east and south-west. A solar system can operate your gate for up to 10 days without any charge to the battery helping to ensure no interruption even through the short dark nights of a UK winter.

For a bespoke quote, please contact us using the form below and let us know how often your gate will be used during the shortest days of winter and what access control you require. We will then calculate the size of the solar panel, battery and enclosure necessary for your system.

• Readi-Kit TAARM250 Double Leaf Solar Gate Kit 12V | Model: ST250K
Contents: 2 x TAUARM250 Actuator and Brackets, 1 x Control Board, 1 x Receiver, 2 x Key Fobs, 2 sets of Photocells.

• Readi-Kit TAARM250 Double Leaf Mains Gate Kit 12V | Model: MT250K
Contents: 2 x TAUARM250 Actuator and Brackets, 1 x Control Board, 1 x Receiver, 2 x Key Fobs, 2 sets of Photocells.

Always ensure that safety is your highest priority when considering which security access system will best suit your requirements, especially for sites where young children may be present. Whilst safety devices do add to the cost, it's a small price to pay for the safety of your children. Ask our professional safety technical advisers for further information and assistance. Always play it safe.

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