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Readi-Slider Kit
for Shorter & Lighter Gates

Model:S400K | M400K

If you need your sliding gate to be entirely self contained then our sliding gate solar powered kit is the answer! Compatible with both solar and mains powered systems, our kits can power gates up to 30 metres in length cantilevered or 40 metres on rails.

With cantilever, you do need to add approx 30% to the length of the gate but there is no need to dig up you drive entrance for laying track. Therefore, much less disruption for busy entrances or if you do not wish to dig up old or new driveways and when powered by solar, there is no need to lay mains power cable to the gateway.

All our solar powered systems will operate your gates for up tp 300 operations per day for 10 days before requiring recharge whatever the size, length or access controls systems.

• Readi-Slider Solar Tone Kit for up to 500kg | Model: S400K
Contents: 1 x Slider Motor Tone, 1 x Control Board, 1 x Receiver, 2 x Key Fobs, 2 sets of Photocells.

• Readi-Slider Mains Tone Kit for up to 500kg | Model: M400K
Contents: 1 x Tone Sliding Motor, 1 x Control Board, 1 x Receiver, 2 x Key Fobs, 2 sets of Photocells.

Always ensure that safety is your highest priority when considering which security access system will best suit your requirements, especially for sites where young children may be present. Whilst safety devices do add to the cost, it's a small price to pay for the safety of your children. Ask our professional safety technical advisers for further information and assistance. Always play it safe.

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