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The Multi-Guard is a vertical lifting gate with vertical bars spaced at 100mm apart to provide a more secure entrance for sites where children or animals are present. The system uses a 12V DC motor which can be powered by solar or mains electricity, and can be installed with various operating systems such as key fobs or automatic vehicle detection. Using a key fob, the gate can be opened from within your vehicle from up to 50m away. This saves you time and removes the need to exit the vehicle, which can be particularly valuable on working farms and in other busy environments.
Maximum length per gate is 3.5m.

• Vertical lifting gate with vertical bars
• Solar or mains powered
• 12V DC
• Range of access options available including key fob and push button
• Safe and efficient access system

Always ensure that safety is your highest priority when considering which security access system will best suit your requirements, especially for sites where young children may be present. Whilst safety devices do add to the cost, it's a small price to pay for the safety of your children. Ask our professional safety technical advisers for further information and assistance. Always play it safe.

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