Readi-Guard V Mobile Traffic Barrier

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The solar powered Readi-Guard V Mobile Traffic Barrier can deployed and operational in less than 2 minutes, providing full traffic control for operators by simply clicking a key fob.

An innovative and efficient traffic control solution, safety is at the heart of the Readi-Guard range. The barrier is pallet mounted and can be transported by small trailer or truck directly to site. Once off loaded by hand, the barrier is ready to operate within seconds as it is completely self contained and requires no mains power. Ideal for controlling access to all kinds of sites such as highways works, building sites, festivals, events, commercial and industrial premises, airports and stadiums. Due to its quick deployment time, it can also be a valuable asset in emergency situations.

Multiple elements can be customised to suit your bespoke specification, such as the length of boom and access control system required.

• Deployment (approx): 90 seconds
• Boom length: up to 6m
• Boom operating speed: 6 seconds
• Power: 12V DC
• Recharging: 110/230V
• Battery power between charges: up to 1000 ops per day
• Access options: include key fobs, key pads, intercoms and mobile phone operated access
• Manual overide: yes (key supplied)
• Weight: approx. 75kg (depending on your specification)

Always ensure that safety is your highest priority when considering which security access system will best suit your requirements, especially for sites where young children may be present. Whilst safety devices do add to the cost, it's a small price to pay for the safety of your children. Ask our professional safety technical advisers for further information and assistance. Always play it safe.

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