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Model:Various - See Below

We can supply all types of SLA and AGM batteries depending on the needs of your system. These include:

• SLA Batteries
12a/h 12V (151mm x 98mm x 97.5mm) | Model: B5301
22a/h 12V (180mm x 76mm x 167mm) | Model: B5302
26a/h 12V (166mm x 175mm x 125mm) | Model: B5309
34a/h 12V (196mm x 130mm x 168mm) | Model: B5313

• AGM Batteries
75a/h (259mm x 165mm x 208mm) | Model: B5310
85a/h (260mm x 169mm x 233mm) | Model: B5315
100a/h (301mm x 172mm x 225mm) | Model: B5312
110a/h (330mm x 172mm x 242mm) | Model: B5316
120a/h (331mm x 172mm x 214mm) | Model: B5317
200a/h (522mm x 238mm x 218mm) | Model: B5322

Products supplied may differ from images displayed on website. The specifications are subject to change without notice. All products and services are supplied subject to our terms and conditions.