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CM65-230 24V 10A


Our unique solar control board can be used to power CAME, Faac, BFT, TAU, GR, Beninca and many other 12V or 24V actuators/motors, making them all suitable for solar powered operation. This one type of board can be used to operate virtually all 12V and 24V DC vehicle access systems, whether it be a sliding gate, swing gate, traffic barrier or underground motor.

The board allows for an array of plug and play facilities, including in built auto-reverse for obstacle detection, key fob operation, pause function and timer open/close.

Powered directly from a battery power supply, the battery size if being re-charged by mains charger is usually 12 a/h. For 24V board then 2 x 12 a/h batteries are required. If there is good access to daily sunlight (especially in winter), then your gates could be powered by the sun 365 days each year. Let us know how many operations you need your gate/s to run during the winter days and what access control you wish to use and we will design a system bespoke to your requirements.

• Unique and versatile control board design
• Compatible with most 12V and 24V motors
• Powered from battery power supply
• Selection of plug and play facilities
• Easily installed

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